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Here it is as promised a forum for the voters to connect to their elected officials in our Precinct and with in Tarrant County.

Some guidlines, most of our elected officials are busy representing us and may take time to connect.  I have given them 3 days for them to respond to your questions or comments.

If your comment is of the nature of a certain bill those question on the progress, wording, or any other realted information is available on another website.  I will provide that for you as you ask.  I will montitor the questinos to make sure the elected officials are contacted in a timely manner for a response.  I will hold them accountable to get back with you or give me their reply.

We want to always be respectful of every elected official and not make this about personal attacks but keep it to the issues they are representing.  I reserve the right to remove your post if they are rude or distasteful in any way.  Dipolomcy is imperitive to keep the lines of communication open between any persons.  Personal attacks are not going to promote the welfare to communicate freely.

They want to hear from you and you should feel free to contact them here.  Please use your real name so that we keep those trying to hide out of the game, if you want to post you should be able to stand beside it with your name.

I have also added a page that you can find who represents you with their contact information if you prefer to contact them directly.  This is a service provided to you as your precinct chair.  I want you to have as much information as possible to help you be the most informed voter and constiuent!

Thank you agains for allowing me to serve you as precinct chair.  Please feel free to post questions for me here too, so that I may better provide you with information you need.

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