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Precinct Chair Races 2012

Posted on July 1, 2012 at 4:25 PM

Precinct Chair Election

It matters who you select for yourPrecinct Chair!  After the 2010 primary, 4 judicialseats needed to be filled, and according to State Election Laws, Tarrant CountyPrecinct Chairs (Executive Committee) selected replacements. These became theRepublican Nominees on your November General Election.

Whereas,my opponent only supports one presidential candidate whose extreme positions have resulted in NO primary victoriesin two presidential runs.  Since the voters rejected him, his followers have shifted tactics. They are seeking control of the Republican Party from the “bottom up” by running for Precinct chair and other positions.  And havealready taken over the County Chairs Position, leaving no checks and balancesin the County Executive Committee.

What could we expect if my opponent and his friends get elected?

·        Changesin Republican party rules that would diminish your voice

·        Extremepositions reflected in the Republican Party platform

·        Overtime, this would lead to candidates that reflect the their extreme views

While this faction is a minority, they are motivated.  They are depending on voters to stay home. 

Your vote is crucial for me to continue to serve you as your Precinct Chair.

And to work on building a strong Republican party to fight for our freedoms against liberal democrats.

Sherri Heinzman


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