Tarrant County Republican Precinct #2360

Your Precinct Chairwoman since 2004!

Welcome to your precinct #2360 website from your precinct chairwoman...

Dear Conservative Republican Voter,

It is my pleasure to continue to serve the Republican voters of Precinct #2360.  I ask you to vote again for me in this March 4th 2014 Primary.

My desire is to work to keep our precinct the most conservative stronghold  in Tarrant County that it has been for the last two decades!

Being Conservative takes work, join me in supporting the ideas and candidates that support our great city, county, state and country.  I thank you for your vote and may God bless Mansfield,
Tarrant County and Texas!

"Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away  everything you have." -- Barry Goldwater

AddThis Social Bookmark Button This site was created for the voters of Precinct #2360 to keep them informed about the candidates/times/dates/location to vote within our precinct.   If you become a member of the site you will receive an email for information concerning voting. You information will not be shared with anyone it will stay for the purposes you intended it to inform voters.
Feel free to send the website to friends and neighbors to keep them informed as well. 

Sherri Heinzman
Republican Pct. Chair #2360 
Tarrant County, Texas 
817-992-8329 cell